Pent Up And Ready To Vent: This Exhibition Whispers Then Shouts the Frustrations of the Female Gender .... This solo exhibition "Pent Up" by Brisbane contemporary artist Mela Fitzgibbon vents the accumulated frustration stored in the female DNA using subtle feminine whispers and climaxing with an almighty primal scream. This show runs at Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane from Tuesday 14th to Monday 20th September (viewing times 10am to 4pm), celebrating its opening night on Friday 17th September at 6pm. Featuring a selection of fine subversive silk embroideries of distorted corseted women, ink and water-coloured historical drawings and a 4 x 3 metre suspended swathe of diaphanous sheer organza, this artist offers up a sensual, sexy social commentary on how the female form has been viewed.

Pent up releases a little of the pressure that women have felt over the centuries as their lives have been limited by not only society's expectations of their time but at the very least the fashion of the era … consider the corset, the bound foot, the crinoline. With an evocatively ambiguous soundtrack, Pent Up's audience is certain to be immersed in the sensuality of the event.

Fitzgibbon works widely with feminist issues often engaging traditional techniques of embroidery to complement her passion for ink drawing and provocative cheeky text. Her art practice begins at a conceptual core and plays with subversion with a sophisticate
d wit. She is currently using the element of sound as an integral part of her work. Fitzgibbon is part of the newly established "Level" Artist Run Initiative in Stratton Street, Newstead, which is an artist community/studio space/gallery set up to support women contemporary artists in Brisbane.