6 Degrees ...

A group exhibition with fellow Brisbane artists Kate Cooke, Natasha Narain, Sandra Pearce, and Ann Russell.

'Venus series'

This work plays the cusp between beauty and the odd (desire and the abject). It's drawn from my attraction to the curious and the strange, and a concern for redressing gaps and miss-readings in history, especially women's history. The influences of art history, fashion particularly from the Rococo and Baroque period, drawing and traditional embroidery techniques are my current focus. Within a feminist perspective these influences are curiously melded together to create provocative and daring works featuring the body; the female nude; its depiction and its limits.

A critical examination of the domestic lives of women pervades my work. From a starting point of the drawn image, here, mark-making is often achieved with the needle and thread, using the notion of subversive stitching to shadow/reflect depictions of woman. Poignant text adds to the layers of dialogue within the work. The luscious, lustrous silk not only connotes the courtly privileges of European aristocracy but also overtly alludes to the flesh and folds of female flesh. The embroidery hoop not only "frames" the work but in particular reflects the domestic and traditionally feminine realm, and the constraints therein. These silk sculptures become thought-provoking, sensitive and challenging object/installations. A strong conceptual sensibility is at the heart of presenting this work and its tactility and sensuality only heightens its affect. In this, the work 'works' as both a lure and a sting … as it elicits shifts of perceptual and visceral response … towards both pleasure … and unease.

'Venus II"

Hand-embroidered dupion silk in timber hoop