Curriculum Vitae ...



"control control control control ..."           "do not bend do not bend do not bend ..."

repeated stamped text on sourced vintage "foundation garments"


Mela Lock Fitzgibbon  -  Visual Artist, Counsellor, Teacher, Art Therapist

B.Ed, Grad Dip Counselling, Dip T

QUT, Australian College of Applied Psychology, Interactive Drawing Therapy.


Art Specific Education:

2011 to 2003           Artmilk tutoring and mentoring, Brisbane

2009 to 2007          Advanced Studio Class, Artmilk, Brisbane

2004 to 1999           Brisbane Institute of Art

1978                          Art Major in Textiles - NBCAE, Brisbane

1978 to 1976           Art Studies as Core Units, Electives and Major, DipT.(Primary/Preschool)NBCAE, Brisbane


Selected Solo Exhibitions: 

2010                        Pent Up  Percolator Gallery, Brisbane

2007                        Concepts in Progress  Artmilk, Brisbane

2005                        Women's Business   Artist Studio, Brisbane

2005                         Insight   Artmilk Studio, Brisbane

2004                         Recent Works  Artist Studio, Brisbane


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2010                         Erotica PS Gallery, Artworkers, Brisbane

2010                         6 Degree  White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane

2010                         Unsaid  White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane   

2007                         Moment of Friendship  Evolution Studios, Brisbane

2006                         Ariadne's Thread  Metro Arts, Brisbane

2006                         Noosa Book Show  Noosa Regional Gallery

2005                         The Churchie    Anglican Church Grammar, Brisbane

2004                         Catalyst   Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2004                         Life Drawing  Space Upstairs BIA, Brisbane

2004                         Wilston Art Show  Brisbane

2004                          En Masse   Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2004                          Hygea  Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2004                          BGS Annual Show  Brisbane Grammar School

2004                          Secret Spaces  Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2004 to 1999           BIA Member Exhibitions Brisbane Institute of Art

2003                          Baroque Still Life  Gallery Nona, Brisbane 

2003                          Spectrum  Brisbane Grammar School

2003                          Venus Reborn  Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2003                          BIA Painting III  Gallery Nona, Brisbane

2003                          Life Drawing  Space Upstairs BIA, Brisbane

2002                          Wilston Art Show  Brisbane



2010                          6 Degrees with Natasha Narain, Kate Cooke, Sandra      

                                    Pearce and Ann Russell, White Canvas Gallery,  Brisbane                            

2010                          Witchcraze Project with Majena Mafe

2010                          AUDREY, feminist collaborative team with Majena Mafe

                                    and Judy-Ann Moule, unsaid at White Canvas Gallery,


2010                          Artist Salon, Brisbane-based artists

2009                          Artist Salon, Brisbane

2007 to 2005          Studio group through Artmilk, Brisbane

2006                         Sisterskins, Brisbane-based artists from various disciplines

                                   whose focus is on "the body"

2006 to 2005         Collaborative project with Majena Mafe and Susan Buret,   

                                   Brisbane-based artists


Past Memberships:

Level, Artist Run Initiative, Brisbane          



Artist Salon

48th Parallel Project


Work is held in private collections.